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USA Motorcycle Tours on a Harley-Davidson or BMW Motorbike

The USA are a dream destination for motorcyclists from all over the world. Route 66, Highway 1, Florida, the Wild West, Pony Express, Harley-Davidson, Easy Rider... Discover the United States of America, the palm beaches of Florida, the National Parks and all other regions. Live your dream and ride a Harley or BMW on the legendary Route 66 across the USA from Chicago to Los Angeles by discovering eight states along the way of this once in a lifetime road trip.

Especially the historic mother road Route 66 is the dream of every Harley and BMW lover and motorcyclist from all over the world. You can make this dream come true. Travel under expert guidance and discover the United States of America from the seat of a Harley-Davidson or äBMW motorcycle. Of course you can also take along your partner. Non-motorcyclists can enjoy the tours in a comfortable escort vehicle. Starting in Chicago, the Route 66 runs through the Midwest and the states of Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma. Endless straight highways run for hours through the vast expanse of deserts, where once brave pioneers drove in wagons to California - looking for a better life. The remarkable landscape in Arizona and New Mexico with their Table Mountains (mesas), Indian reservations, ancient pueblos and Spanish Mission churches will fascinate you. After visiting the Monument Valley and Grand Canyon the great cities of the west, Las Vegas and Los Angeles await you at the end of your tour.

All Motorcycle Tours in the USA have been planned and explored by Reuthers Motorcycle Tours, the leading Harley-Davidson and BMW Tour Operator with carefully selected hotels. In addition to fully Guided Tours, you have the possibility to book a Semi Guided Tour, where you can freely plan your days, or the popular Navi Guided Tours with GPS support - for the feeling of great freedom on your trip.

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We now invite you to choose from the following Harley and BMW Tours we have put together for You:

Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Dream

Route 66 Dream

A real dream trip is our 15-day Route 66 Motorcycle Tour "Dream" where you will get to know several states in detail along the route. Discover the dream of great freedom on the endless straight highways...

Motorcycle Tour
Route 66 Dream


Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Kicks

Route 66

For people with less time we offer the 12 day motorcycle tour Route 66 "Kicks", which takes you from Chicago to Los Angeles through eight states. On a Harley-Davidson or BMW, pass through the "Gateway to the West"...

Motorcycle Tour
Route 66 Kicks


Motorcycle Tour Highway 1

Highway 1

"California Dreaming" - our 12 day motorcycle tour through California and Nevada will take you to the most beautiful places of the American West. With the Harley or BMW you will ride on and along the famous USA Highway 1...

Motorcycle Tour
USA Highway 1


Motorcycle Tour Best Of West

Of West

Get to know the Best of the West on our motorcycle tour in the west of the United States of America. Cruising down the most beautiful highways in 15 days with the Harley or BMW and discovering the splendid nature wonders of...

Motorcycle Tour
USA Best Of West


Motorcycle Tour National Parks


Nature lovers and adventurers can explore the National Parks of the United States in the southwest of the country on this 6-day motorcycle tour. The motorbike tour begins and ends in the glittering city of Las Vegas...

Motorcycle Tour
USA National Parks


Motorcycle Tour Wild West


Get to know the west of the USA in 8 days: Our motorcycle tour through California and Nevada brings you closer to the highlights of the West. The first highlight of this motorbike tour is the ride on the Highway 1...

Motorcycle Tour
USA Wild West


Motorcycle Tour Pony Express


A very special 12 day motorcycle tour in the United States is our Pony Express tour for adventurers: The legendary Pony Express carried the mail in the 19th century about 2000 miles from Chicago to Sacramento in ten days...

Motorcycle Tour
USA Pony Express


Motorcycle Tour Bluegrass Wonders


A 10 day dream tour through the Southern States of the USA. See the flowering landscapes from the film „Gone with the wind", endless cotton fields, beautiful Southern State houses with their avenues...

Motorcycle Tour
Bluegrass Wonders


Motorcycle Tour Florida Sunshine


The classic motorcycle tour through Florida: Experience the Sunshine State in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson or BMW during our 11 day tour. Our round trip starts in Miami and heads over to the most beautiful beaches...

Motorcycle Tour
Florida Sunshine

Motorcycle Tour Florida History


This 8 day motorcycle tour through Florida takes you to the most historic places in the Sunshine State. You will discover Saint Augustine, the oldest European settlement in Florida...

Motorcycle Tour
Florida History

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USA Motorcycle Tours